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What is the Outstanding Peer Tutor Award?

The Outstanding Peer Tutor Award began in 2010 when funds were made available by a valued Penn State employee, Donna Weber. Donna was a member of the Penn State Mont Alto community for more than 20 years with an extreme amount of dedication to and concern for the students, faculty, and staff of Penn State Mont Alto. Unexpectedly, the staff of Penn State Mont Alto lost Donna to cancer in the spring of 2012. 

Donna Weber

With the Outstanding Peer Tutor Award, we are not only recognizing the outstanding efforts of a Peer Tutor or PASS Leader, but we are honoring the memory of Donna as well. Recipients of the award receive $50 and their name is engraved on a plaque that is hung within the Academic Support Center. If you are interested in contributing funds that will help ensure the continuation of this award for many years to come, please contact Academic Support Center Director Kendra Wolgast Sites.


All Penn State Mont Alto faculty and staff members, as well as students who have utilized the Academic Support Center’s Peer Tutoring/PASS Leader services, are able to submit nominations. Students are only permitted to nominate Peer Tutors and PASS Leaders with whom they have worked. If you know a peer tutor or PASS Leader who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to this position and exceptional concern for his or her fellow students, you are encouraged to nominate him or her for this honor.

In Memory of Donna Weber


Martha Baskwill - Outstanding Peer Tutor

 Martha Baskwill

Approved Courses

Peer Tutor:  MATH 140; MATH 141; CHEM 101; CHEM 110, CHEM 112; SPAN 001; SPAN 002; SPAN 003

Martha Baskwill Outstanding Peer Tutor 2016


Natalie Brant

Approved Courses

Peer Tutor:  BIOL 141

Natalie Brant, Outstanding Peer Tutor
Natalie Brant Outstanding Peer Tutor 2015



Brian Clouse

Approved Courses

Peer Tutor:  BIOL 129, BIOL 141

PASS Leader:  BIOL 129, PT 384

Brian Clouse Outstanding Peer Tutor 2014


Brian Hawthorn

Approved Courses

Peer Tutor: ECON 102 & 104, MATH 140 & 141

Brian Hawthorn Outstanding Peer Tutor 2013



Matt Deadmon

Approved Courses

Peer Tutor: ECON 102/104, MATH 004/021/022/034/110, PSYCH 100, GEOG 040, ACCTG 211, STAT 100/200, BMB 001, FIN 301, BI SC 004

Matt Deadmon Outstanding Peer Tutor 2012


Charles Walker

Approved Courses

Peer Tutor: MATH 021/022/140/141, CHEM 110/111/112, ECON 002/004, STAT 100/200, GER 002

Charles Walker Outstanding Peer Tutor 2011



Angela Marshal

Approved Courses

Peer Tutor: BIOL 129 & BIOL 141

Angela Marshal Outstanding Peer Tutor 2010