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This section will give an overview of the process by which the ResConnect Support staff handles student trouble tickets.  While the ResConnect Support staff at Penn State Mont Alto does not have any control over granting access or unlocking ResCom accounts, we endevour to do our best to see that each and every student in the residence halls has the chance to connect to the internet if they wish to do so.

Step 1:

The student notifies ResConnect Support, either by calling 717-749-6113 or by e-mailing rescom@ma.psu.edu, that there is a problem.

Step 2:

A ticket is created for the student and is put into the ticketing system.

Step 3:

A Student Technician receives the ticket and contacts the student to schedule an appointment when the technician can come and look at the student's computer.

Step 4:

The technician looks at the student's computer and determines a course of action.  Most problems can be solved in the first appointment, but occassionally a second appointment is necessary.

Step 5:

If the problem is fixed, then the ticket is closed successfully.  If the technician can not fix the problem by themselves, then the Student Technician Supervisor may be asked to help solve the problem.  Rarely is there a problem that can not be fixed by the ResCom Support staff.

Below is a list of some of the problems that can not be solved by the ResCom Support staff due to liability reasons.  Each problem is followed by a few examples:

1.  Hardware problems.
     ex:  Hard Drive failure, Ethernet card failure, CD-ROM drive failure

2.  Operating System or Computer Manufacturer recommendations.
     ex:  Microsoft Windows, Dell, HP

3.  Compatibility problems with hardware or software.
     ex:  no software for printer, no ethernet card

4.  Installing software not essential to network functionality.
     ex:  Microsoft Office, AIM

5. Cleaning or reformating a computer infected with a virus or malware.