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Standard software available on all student-use computers

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Inspiration Software, Inc.

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Tree Biology

International Society of Arboriculture

Woody Plants

Kendall / Hunt Publishing

DNR Garmin

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

ArcView GIS


XTools Pro

Data East




 Package Name   Version  Vendor
 Adobe Flash Player 9 ActiveX  Adobe Systems, Inc.
 Adobe Flash Player 9 Plugin  Adobe Systems, Inc.
 Adobe Reader  8.1.0   Adobe Systems Incorporated
 Adobe Shockwave   Adobe
 ALEKS Plugin  3.5   ALEKS
 Ambient Design ArtRage  2.2   Ambient Design
 Apple Inc. QuickTime  Apple Inc.
 CrossWord WordWeb  5.0   CrossWord
 CyberLink PowerDVD  5.1   CyberLink
 Cygwin Org Cygwin  1.5.18  Cygwin Org
 Cygwin Org CygwinX  1.5.18  Cygwin Org
 Cygwin Org OpenSSH  1.5.18  Cygwin Org
 EverNote Corporation EverNote    EverNote Corporation
 Flash Player Plugin - Firefox       9.0.0  Adobe
 Flow Simulation Calc98  5.3  Flow Simulation
 Gadwin Systems PrintScreen  3.5   Gadwin Systems
 GIMP Org GIMP  2.2.9   GIMP Org
 GIMP Org GTK  2.6.9   GIMP Org
 GIMP Org Help  2.0.9  GIMP Org
 Google Google Earth  4.1.7087.5048  Google
 Google Picasa  2.7.0  Google
 Google Video Player 2006  Google
 Hummingbird Exceed  Hummingbird Ltd.
 Inkscape Org Inkscape  0.45.1  Inkscape Org
 Irfan IrvanView  4.00   Irfan
 Jam Software TreeSize  1.7.9  Jam Software
 Java 3D  1.5.0  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 Java(TM) 6 Update 2  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 Java(TM) SE Development Kit 6 Update 2  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 jEdit Org jEdit  4.1  jEdit Org
 Kurzweil Read-Only 3000   10.00.0000  Kurzweil Educational Systems
 MELL 2.0 Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Collection   1.00.0000  Microsoft Corporation
 MELL General Programming Collection  Microsoft Corporation
 MELL Programming Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET Collection  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1    1.1   Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0  2.0.50727  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0  3.0.04506.30  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Custom Visual Studio 2005  8.0   Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Document Explorer 2005  8.0.50727.42  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Expression Web 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Access 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Excel 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003  11.0.6412.0  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003  11.0.7969.0  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Groove 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office OneNote 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2003  11.0.6458.0  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Proof (English) 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Proof (French) 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Proof (Spanish) 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Proofing (English) 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Publisher 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2007  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Word 2007 Get Started Tab  12.0.0  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003  11.0.6506.0  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows  3.0.1115.11  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for 2007 Office  12.0.4518.1014  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft SyncToy  1.4  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Visual J# Redistributable Package  2.0.50727  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition  0.0  Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1  1   Microsoft Corporation
 Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer  1.5.2316.0  Microsoft Corporation
 Mozilla Foundation Firefox  Mozilla Foundation
 Mozilla Foundation Thunderbird  Mozilla Foundation
 MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2005  8.0.50727.137  Microsoft Corporation
 MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2005  8.0.50727.137        Microsoft Corporation
 Nullsoft Winamp  5.34  Nullsoft
 Opera Software Opera  9.22  Opera Software ASA
 Paint.NET  3.0.8  Paint.NET Team
 Powertoys For Windows XP  1.00.0000  Microsoft Corporation
 PSPad Inc PSPad  4.5.2   PSPad Inc
 Qualcomm Eudora   7.1   Qualcomm
 Roxio Creator Audio  3.3.0  Roxio
 Roxio Creator Data  3.3.0   Roxio
 Roxio Creator Tools    3.3.0  Roxio
 Roxio Express Labeler  2.1.0   Roxio
 SBI for Windows  2.0  Andragogy Associates
 Setup Graph  4.3  Ivan Johansen
 Sonic Activation Module  1.0  Sonic Solutions
 SPSS 14.0 for Windows  14.0.0    SPSS Inc.
 SPSS 14.0 for Windows (14.0.2 patch)  14.0.2   SPSS Inc.
 SSH Communications SSH  3.2.9   SSH
 SSH Secure Shell Client    3.1.1   SSH
 StarOffice 8  8.00.8989  Sun Microsystems
 Sun Microsystems JDKDoc 6.0  1.6.0  Sun Microsystems
 Symantec AntiVirus  10.1.4000.4   Symantec Corporation
 VideoLAN VLC Media Player  0.8.6   VideoLAN
 VoiceText (tm)  2.00.0000   Kurzweil Educational Systems
 Windows Imaging Component   Microsoft Corporation
 Windows Internet Explorer 7  20061107.210142  Microsoft Corporation
 Windows Live Messenger  8.1.0178.00  Microsoft Corporation
 Windows Media Player 11 11  Microsoft Corporation
 Windows XP Service Pack 2  20040803.231319  Microsoft Corporation