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Participation in all intramural and recreational sports is voluntary. The Penn State Mont Alto campus accepts no liability for any injuries, damages, thefts, or other such losses which individuals may incur while using this facility or participating in programs. Individuals assume all such risks while using any equipment or facilities, or participating in any program, exercise, or other activity at Penn State Mont Alto, and waive any or all claims against Penn State Mont Alto, its trustees, officers, agents, and/or employees. Please guard against damage to or loss of University or personal equipment. 

Health and Safety
The American College of Sports Medicine strongly suggests that an individual (other than those apparently healthy and under the age of 45) receive medical approval from a physician prior to beginning an exercise program. An individual suspecting a prohibitive medical condition (at any age) should not participate and should see a physician as soon as possible.

Report all injuries to faculty or staff attendants on duty. Faculty and staff attendants can and will dismiss any participant or spectator from activities, or the building itself, if deemed necessary, to ensure safety and order.