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Penn State Mont Alto's Cross Country Team competed individually at the Luzerne County Community College's Invitational on September 19, 2009.

Out of 21 women in the PSUAC on a 3.1-mile course:

Kristen Moore placed 16th      28:37 
Rebecca Moore placed 17th    28:43
Kristina Clinton placed 18th    30:03

Out of 49 men in the PSUAC on a 5-mile course:

Marcus Hasheem Shivers placed 10th    33:55
Riley Scott Robey placed 20th               37:27
Shariyf Goldstein placed 48th                59:00


Penn State Mont Alto’s Cross Country Invitational on Saturday September 19, 2009.

The Mont Alto runners competed individually. Men ran a 5-mile course and women ran a 3.1-mile course.

Out of 63 Men:

15th -Marcus Shivers 36:10
30th Riley Robey 38:20
59th John DeGregory 51:13
60th Shariyf Goldstein 51:17

Out of 35 Women:

Kristina Clinton 23:32
Kristen Moore 25:35
Rebecca Moore 26:03


Penn State Mont Alto competed at Penn State Worthington Scranton on Saturday, September 26, 2009.

Out of 27 Men:

6th- Marcus Shivers  33:52
14th- Riley Robey placed 37:55
23rd-  Shariyf Goldstein 43:16
26th- John deGregory 47:40

Men placed 3rd out of 4 teams with the winning team coming from Worthington Scranton.

Out of 13 Women: 

7th- Kristina Clinton 31:02


Penn State Mont Alto ran at Johnson College Invitational, hosted by Penn State Wilkes-Barre, on Saturday October 3, 2009.


5th- Marcus Shivers 30:48 (Medalist)
20th- Riley Robey 35:16


8th- Kristen Moore 24:30
12th- Robecca Moore 27:32