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Procedures for Judicial Affairs and Community Standards

The procedure for a disciplinary case depends upon several criteria, including the location the incident took place, the student's residential status, and the level of impact on the community.  For detailed information on the processes for disciplinary cases please see the manuals for each area:

Once a student is seen by a designee within the disciplinary system, the designee makes a decision on the student's case, weighing all evidence carefully.  If a student is found responsible for a violation of policy, the designee utilizes the precedent guidelines established:

What is the difference between Judicial Affairs and Community Standards?
Community Standards is the disciplinary system designed specifically for violations that are committed in the residential environment, i.e. residence halls, and can only be used for those students that are residential.  These standards address violations that have a lower level of impact on the community, i.e. noise and guest violations, etc.  In addition, the process for Community Standards cases is slightly different that that of Judicial Affairs.  Violations not addressed within Community Standards are addressed by Judicial Affairs.  For additional information on Community Standards please see the Mission Statement of Community Standards.