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New law protects "Good Samaritans" at underage parties

 New PA law protects students from underage drinking prosecution who are seeking medical assistance for their friends.

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The Office of University Police is located in the white house on Orchard Road next to the Emmanuel Chapel.

Penn State Mont Alto Police Services Building

Contact information:
Non-emergency: 717-749-6070
Emergency: Dial 911


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of University Safety is to promote an atmosphere free from fear for personal safety, property loss, or accident and, thereby, contribute to the academic excellence of Penn State.

To attain this mission, the Department of University Safety has an obligation to develop and maintain standards and programs to ensure that its functions are performed in an effective, consistent, and fair manner. These standards and programs must ultimately encompass all aspects of departmental operation, personnel selection, training and education, assignment and promotion, innovative experimentation, review and evaluation, and a willingness to adapt to provide for the needs of the community and its members within the guidelines of the state and the University.

The department’s major responsibilities in carrying out its mission involve the following:

  1. Reduce the opportunity for the commission of some crimes through preventative educational programs and patrol.
  2. Identify criminal offenders and persons in violation of specific regulations and, when appropriate, to refer the offenders to the legal or administrative systems and participate in the subsequent proceedings.
  3. Aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm or who can not care for themselves.
  4. Promote the protection of Constitutional guarantees to all members of the community while also providing an educational function to the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a community.
  5. Provide a role model of responsibility, accountability and trustworthiness for the members of the community through the actions and statements of each member of the department.
  6. Assist in the educational mission of the University through cooperation with other departments and by providing direct instruction to members of the community to enhance safety in the work place, living, and recreational areas.
  7. Resolve conflicts between individuals and groups which may, without intervention, escalate to criminal behavior.
  8. Facilitate movement of persons and vehicles.
  9. Reduce environmental hazards to persons and property.
  10. Participate in the identification and recovery of lost or stolen property and return it to the rightful owner.
  11. Identify problems that are potentially serious to law enforcement, safety, or the University.
  12. Create and maintain a feeling of safety in the community.
  13. Promote and preserve order.
  14. Provide departments with timely, appropriate information that is essential to their function(s).
  15. Provide other services on an emergency basis.



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