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Parking and Traffic Regulations


     A. All provisions of the Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as supplemented by University regulations, will be enforced on the Mont Alto Campus of Penn State University. These regulations will be enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

     B. All students, faculty and staff who operate or park a motor vehicle, including motorcycles and motorized pedacycles, at the Mont Alto Campus must register their vehicles.

     C. All vehicles to be registered must have a current license plate, a current inspection sticker (if required by the state in which the vehicle is registered), and the applicant must have a valid operator’s License from the state in which he/she resides.

     D. A vehicle is meant to include automobiles, motorcycles, motorbikes, motor scooters, “mopeds,’ or any other self-propelled vehicle.

     E. During registration and the first three days of class, unregistered vehicles may be parked without penalty in designated student parking areas.

     F. All bicycles will be registered. (See bicycle regulations, sec. no. V.B.)



     A. Vehicles registered with the University must be owned by either the registrant or a member of his or her immediate family. Presentation of proof of ownership must be made at the time that the vehicle is registered.

     B. When registering a motor vehicle, certification must be made that liability insurance will be maintained on the vehicle. Cancellation or lapse of this insurance must be reported and automatically voids the registration.

     C. Any vehicle parked on campus shall be parked at the owner’s risk. The University assumes no liability for any vehicle parked on this campus.


     A. Permits

         1. All registrants will be issued a permit based on their residency status. The permit is issued upon the filing of an application with the University Police at the police station. Permits are issued free of charge.

         2. Temporary visitor parking permits are issued, free of charge, by the University Police.

         3. Hanging permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror with the colored portion facing forward. If the permit obstructs the driver’s view, it must be removed while the vehicle is in operation on the roadway. The permit must be displayed when the vehicle is parked at any location on the campus.

         4. Decal permits must be displayed on the outside rear window at the extreme right hand bottom comer (passenger side). The decal height cannot exceed 3-1/2 inches from the bottom of the window.

         5. New decal permits must be placed over old permits or in place of expired permits. New decal permits should not be placed beside or above expired permits.

         6. The following types of vehicles must display permits as follows:

               a. Convertibles — display decal on rear bumper, passenger side.

               b. Vans without rear windows — same as convertibles.

               c. Trucks with removable caps — two decals will be issued, one for the truck and one for the cap. The decals will be displayed on the exterior rear windows in the extreme right hand bottom corner (passenger side).

         7. Student permits are not transferable and must be displayed only on the vehicle indicated on the permit application.

     B. Designated parting with permit

         1. Vehicles with a green permit may be parked on any green lot at any time.

         2. Vehicles with a blue permit may be parked on the blue lot at any lime.

         3. Vehicles with a red permit may be parked in any red lot or green lot #1 at any time.

         4. Any registered student vehicle may be parked in any green lot, blue lot and the parting lot at the General Studies Building, between 5:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight Monday-Friday, anytime Saturday and until 12:00 midnight on Sunday.

         5. Vehicles which display a faculty/staff permit may park in any lot at any time unless the tot or space is reserved, by posted sign, for other use.

**Student parking in any red lot is restricted to those vehicles which display a red permit. This provision is valid 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

     C. Special Provisions

         1. The person who registers a vehicle is responsible for removing the permit if the vehicle is sold or exchanged. Violations issued on a permit will be assessed to the registrant of the permit. Change of registrant’s address or vehicle license plate must be reported to the University Police within two business days after the change.

         2.  In the event of an emergency, another vehicle may be parked on campus in lieu of the registered vehicle. The substitute vehicle must be registered with the University Police. This must be done immediately after parking in the student’s designated lot to avoid a ticket.


     A. Vehicles must be parked only in designated parking areas and only in designated spaces.

         1. Any student vehicle parked in the area of the Science Technology Building, Wiestling Hall, Conklin Hall, Perry Hall, or the Library at any time is in violation.

         2. Green lot #3 is an "open" lot. Any registered vehicle may be parked on this lot 24 hours a day.

     B. Vehicles shall not be parked on or across sidewalks, on the grass, in loading zones, in service drives, in a fire lane, along curbs or roadway, or any area where signs, painted curbs or other markings prohibit parking.

     C. Any vehicle parked in violation of these provisions may be ticketed, towed or booted at the owners/operator’s risk and expense.

     D. The speed limit on all campus roadways is limited to 15 miles per hour.

     E. All traffic control devices must be obeyed.

     F. Vehicles shall yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times.

     G. The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly shall not constitute an excuse for parking with any portion of a vehicle outside of the designated parking space.

     H. All motorcycles and motorized pedacycles must be parked in the spaces designated specifically for such vehicles.

     I. Faculty, staff and students of Penn State are not considered visitors at any Penn State location, and they may not park in designated visitor parking spaces.

     J. The fact that a vehicle is disabled will not constitute a defense for parking in violation of these regulations. Notes to this effect left on vehicles will be ignored by enforcement personnel. In the event that a vehicle becomes disabled, the vehicle’s license plate number, vehicle location and driver’s name must be reported to University Police (749-6070) prior to the time enforcement action is taken.


     A. Physically handicapped or temporarily disabled students may apply for special parking privileges from the University Police.

     B. Bicycle regulations:

         1. All bicycles must be registered with the University Police within the first three calendar days of class.

         2. All bicycles must be parked at the bicycle racks provided and should be secured with a lock and cable.

         3. Bicycles must comply with all traffic regulations and must be equipped with a light if the bike is to be operated after dark.

        4. Bicycles may be parked inside any dormitory on campus in the areas designated by Housing & Food Services.

         5. No bicycle may be parked in an academic building at any time.


     A. All fines shall be paid within 20 days from the date of issuance. Ticket fines may be mailed or paid in person at the Campus Life Office on the second floor of Conklin Hall during regular business hours Monday-Friday. All regulatory fines are deposited into a fund for student activities.

     B. Parking violations may be appealed by completing an appeal form or by submitting a written letter of appeal. Appeal forms are available at the office of the University Police and at the Campus Life Office.

         1. The written appeal must be sent or delivered to the University Police within 20 days of the date of ticket issuance. Appeals will not be considered after the 20 day appeal period has expired.

         2. The original ticket era copy of the ticket must accompany the appeal.

         3. Full face value payment of the ticket, or receipt of ticket payment from the Campus Life Office, must accompany each appeal. Appeals that do not contain payment or receipt will not be considered. If the appeal is granted, the full face value of the ticket will be refunded. If the appeal is denied, the full face value of the ticket will be retained by the University as payment in full for the violation.

         4. The appellant will be notified in writing of the appeal committee decision.

         5. The permit holder’s ticket history (if any) will accompany the appeal form for the committee’s consideration in cases of repeat violations.

         6. Frivolous appeals will not be considered.

         7. Appeal committee decisions are final.

     C. A student who fails to meet obligations resulting from a traffic or parking violation will receive a hold on all academic records. A hold means that:

         1. No transcripts are released.

         2.  The student will not obtain registered status in subsequent semesters.

         3. The student will not receive a diploma.

     D. Faculty and staff who tail to meet obligations resulting from a traffic or parking violation will receive a payroll deduction of the total fine and cost due for the violation.

     E. Violations which are not paid within 20 days will have a $2.00 late fee added to the total fine due for the violation.

     F. If five parking violations are accumulated in one academic year, a warning letter will be sent to the registered operator of the vehicle.

This letter will state that it four or more additional violations are issued, parking privileges will be revoked.

If nine or more parking violations are issued to a vehicle in one academic year, the parking privileges for the registered operator of that vehicle will be revoked for the duration of the academic year.


University Police will issue three types of parking violation notices: regulatory, administrative and state citations.

The regulatory violation is issued to faculty, staff and student vehicles found to be parked in violation of the parking regulations if the vehicle displays a current and valid Penn State parking permit. Regulatory tickets which remain unpaid more than 20 days after the date of issuance will result in a hold being placed against the individual that the permit was issued to.

The administrative violation is issued to vehicles found to be parked in violation of the parking regulations if the vehicle does not display a current and valid Penn State parking permit. Administrative violations which are not paid within 20 days from the date of issuance will result in a state citation being issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The state citation is filed, under provisions of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code which govern parking, at the office of the District Justice. Citations will not be voided by University Police, and an appeal will not be considered by the University. To appeal a citation, you must appear before the District Justice at a summary trial. Failure to pay a citation or appear at a scheduled summary trial will result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest.

The University reserves the right to modify or amend these regulations at any time to comply with changes in the vehicle code or University policy. Notification of changes will be made through posting of public bulletins.

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