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The Law and University Policies

The use, possession, and distribution on University property of beverages containing alcohol must comply with Pennsylvania law and with University policies and rules.  Misconduct that may result in disciplinary action and penalties, including separation from the University includes:

-         The purchase, consumption, possession, or transportation of beverage alcohol by anyone under the age of 21.

-         The furnishing of beverage alcohol to anyone under the age of 21

-         The possession of beverage alcohol in residence hall rooms or anywhere on the Penn State Mont Alto Campus.

-         The purchase, service, possession, or use of beverage alcohol by any registered undergraduate student organization on the premises of Penn State Mont Alto.

Penn State does not condone the medically unsupervised use, possession, sale, manufacture, or distribution of drugs that are illegal, that may involve medical or psychological hazards to an individual, or that may lead to interference with the rights or privileges of others.  When such activity occurs on campus, the University will initiate appropriate measures, which may include disciplinary actions.