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The primary purpose of this plan is to provide for the rapid, safe and orderly evacuation of the individual buildings of this campus in the event of fire or other emergency situations.  The following procedure should be used when the emergency evacuation of a building is required. 

1.)    The signal for an evacuation will be the continual ringing of the fire alarm system.  Verbal alarm will be employed in those building that do not have a fire alarm system. 

2.)    Upon the sounding of the alarm, occupants of the building will WALK quickly to an exit by the route(s) designated on the emergency evacuation plans posted in each building.  On floors above the ground level, individuals who are unable to walk without assistance must be carried or otherwise assisted down the steps and to the assembly area.  ELEVATORS SHOULD NOT BE USED IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY EVACUATION.  Individuals will clear the exit areas and remain in the assembly area until further instructed.  Should an exit be blocked, the nearest alternate route will be used.  No individual will re-enter an evacuated building until instructed to do so by a University Police Officer.

3.)    A verbal signal to re-enter an evacuated building will be given by a University Police Officer. 

4.)    Occupants of a building who have been assigned to specific functions in the event of an evacuation will immediately perform the assigned duties when the alarm is sounded unless to do so would present an immediate danger to the person. 

5.)    The following is a standard procedure for the evacuation of each building on campus:
   a)      Close all windows in the room you are evacuating.
   b)      Close all closet doors.
   c)      Turn ON the ceiling lights in the room.
   d)      Close, but do not lock, the room door(s) as you leave.
   e)      Leave the building by a designated route. 

6.)    Upon evacuation of the building, proceed to the nearest telephone and dial 911.  Give your name, location and the type of emergency to the dispatcher. 

*** When the signal is given to evacuate a building, all of the occupants must leave the building. ***