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East Coast earthquake felt at Mont Alto; gymnasium temporarily closed

8/24/2011 —

UPDATE 8/25/11: Engineers from the University Park campus visited Mont Alto this morning to survey suspected damages to buildings following the earthquake earlier this week. They determined the campus did not suffer any structural damages to any buildings. The gynasium will reopen for regular use. There are no closures or restriction of access to any buildings at Penn State Mont Alto.

The Eastern earthquake felt up and down the East Coast on Tuesday rattled the campus at Penn State Mont Alto. Immediately following the tremors, students, faculty and staff evacuated buildings to assemble in common areas. The campus was advised to return indoors after the Physical Plant Office had done a preliminary check of all buildings for damages. 

During further structural examinations today, the campus temporarily closed the gymnasium in the Multipurpose Activities Center (MAC) as a precautionary measure due to some visible damage to ceiling welds. It will remain closed until the structure is examined by engineering and cleared as safe to return to use. The MAC is otherwise open for regular use. No other buildings have been closed and no injuries were reported on campus.

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