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Campus is hosting 680 middle school students from Chambersburg this week

5/17/2011 —

Penn State Mont Alto is hosting 680 seventh-grade students from Chambersburg Area Middle School this week as an introduction to collegiate campus life.  Their Adventures in Learning was partially sponsored by the Chambersburg Area School District Foundation in collaboration with the middle school.  The students are visiting Penn State May 16-20.

A new group of seventh graders will tour the Mont Alto campus including the residence halls each day. Their visit includes hands-on learning sessions led by Penn State faculty. They are:

Phun with Physics – Students receive hands-on demonstration of various aspects of physic/chemistry including but not limited to:  air and air pressure, electricity and magnetism (including a Van de Graff generator), rotational motion, and fun science that can be done in your own kitchen. Physical Therapy – Students will be given the opportunity to experience physical therapy activities in a hands-on session with a physical therapist.  Wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, paraffin, bone models, and muscle models will be used in the session.  Wonders of the Human Body – Introduction to the world of nursing where students will be aged before their very own eyes, listen to their heart beat, hear their lungs breathe, and experience other wonders of the human body. All About Art – This interactive session introduced students on “How to Look at Art” by giving them a list of objective terms that they will apply to a painting and a sculpture.  If time permits the students will be given an activity that will have them do comparison of practical architecture to other forms of architecture.  Active Learning through Observation Skills –Students view a short film screen “Lifted” which was shown prior to “Ratatouille.”  They are asked to explain the story and why they are saying it.  This should result in a list along the lines of facial expressions, body motions, posture, gestures, etc.   The professor will point out at the end that not one word was ever spoken during the entire film and that the details they mentioned comes completely from non-verbal communication. A Shakespeare’s Scene – This drama-based activity will allow students to participate in a discuss as well as act out a scene from the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by using props and costumes.  Introduction to Animated Movie Making – The students will log onto the Penn State computers in a computer lab and participate in the steps that it takes to create a live web page.  The students may work in pairs or individually depending on the number of students per group.

Lunch is provided. The students arrive daily at 9:15 am. Sessions begin at 9:30 am, 10:30 am and 12:10 pm. Penn State Mont Alto will host middle school students from Waynesboro May 31-June 2.

Members of the media are invited to attend.  Interviews with Penn State faculty and Principal Kurt Widmann of CAMS can be arranged.

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