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Penn State Mont Alto hosted the Schatz Tree Genetics Colloquium: Genetics, Ecology and Management of Pennsylvania’s Pines on June 8, 2009. This sponsored event receives monies from the Louis Schatz Colloquium Endowment to review the state of science in advanced tree genetics, propose the most promising avenues of future research, and consider joint research programs and agendas by industrial, government and private sources. 

Research on the genetics, ecology and management of Pennsylvania’s pines and field identification of pine species were featured during this day-long conference. The keynote speaker was Patrick Brose of the United States Forest Service. Click on the speaker name below for more information about the presentations offered at the 2009 Schatz Tree Genetics Colloquium.

Keynote speaker Patrick Brose, "Ecology and History of Upland Pine Forests of the Appalachian Mountains"
Craig Echt, "Silvicultural Effects on Genetic Diversity: Lessons from Eastern White Pine"
Bob Williams, "Pitch Pine - Its Economic and Ecological Importance"
Carolyn Copenheaver, “Dendroecology of Appalachian Pines”
Chuck Tauer, "Shortleaf Pine: A Species at Risk?”
John Seiler, “Growth, Development and Carbon Capture of Varietal Loblolly Pine as Influenced by Silviculture”