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The following are the formal policies and procedures adopted by the campus in addition to University policy. If you have questions or concerns regarding these policies, contact the Office of Business Services (717)-749-6031.

The following policies are offered in PDF file format, Adobe Reader is required to review these files.

Campus Policies
PSMA-001 - New/Open Position Procedure
PSMA-002 - Penn Stater Award Procedure
PSMA-003 - Space Assignment Policy
PSMA-006 - Search Committee Procedure

Campus ITS Policies
PSU-MA-ITS-000 End User Computing Agreement
PSU-MA-ITS-001 Personal Computer Use in Conjunction with the University Data Network
PSU-MA-ITS-002 Credit Card Use Policy (Private - Available for review via ITS)
PSU-MA-ITS-003 Audio and Video Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-004 Acceptable Use and Security Policy (AUP)
PSU-MA-ITS-005 Password Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-006 Anti-Virus Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-007 Technology Security Audit Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-008 Server Security Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-009 Firewall Rule and Exception Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-010 Remote Access Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-011 Wireless Security Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-012 Data Backup and Retention Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-013 Incident and Disaster Tolerance / Response Policy
PSU-MA-ITS-014 University Institutional Data & Personally Identifiable Information