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What is a credit certificate program?

A certificate program is a sequence of credit classes that provides you with core competencies in a specific area.  With careful planning, the credits can usually be applied toward an associate or baccalaureate degree. Because certificate programs usually require only between 12 and 25 credits for completion, you are able to earn this Penn State credential in a relatively short time. Certificates are available in just about every field, including business, human development and family studies, information sciences and technology, and engineering technologiesjust to name a few. 

What advantages are associated with credit certificate programs?

Courses are conveniently scheduled to fit the busy lifestyles of working professionals.

Certificate programs are ideal for people who want to set smaller, more immediate goals and work up to meeting larger ones. In fact, a certificate program can be the gateway to a college degree. You start by completing the credit courses and earning the certificate, and you apply these courses toward a degree now or in the future. This is a great strategy to use credit certificates to "step-up" to a degree.

There are also dozens of other advantages. Perhaps you have a college degree. Certificate programs offer advantages for people like you, too. You can gain knowledge in a new subject area, stay current with developments in your field, acquire new skills or learn the latest technology. Employers today are demanding more education from their employees than ever before. A certificate in a specialized area represents knowledge, accomplishments, and competencies. What better way is there to position yourself for advancement in your career or to prepare for a new one?

Who teaches the credit certificate programs?

Penn State faculty and seasoned professionals teach the courses. They bring real-world experience into the classroom and are up-to-date on the latest developments in their fields. 



Business Essentials for Professionals (12 credits) 

EARN a Penn State 12-credit certificate in less than one year.

LEARN in an interactive classroom setting with a Penn State instructor and other adult learners.

BUILD your resume to advance your career.

GAIN specialized knowledge on workplace and employment issues from both the employee's and the employer perspectives.


The Business Essentials for Professionals credit certificate is designed specifically for adult learners who:

  • Need an accelerated and convenient way to earn a credit certificate in business
  • Want knowledge and skills in the management of information systems, effective communication, selling techniques, and management principles
  • Desire a credit certificate from an institution recognized around the world
  • Require real-time interaction and support from the instructor and students in the classroom to learn effectively

Courses in the certificate program are offered face-to-face on campus, broadcast through the Video Learning Network (VLN), or online through the new Real-time Interactive Classroom (RIC).

MIS 204:  Introduction to Business Information Systems

CAS 100B:  Effective Speech

MKTG 220:  Introduction to Selling Techniques

B A 100:  Introduction to Business

Healthcare Leadership  (20 Credits) 

Employers today are demanding more education from their employees than ever before.  This 20-credit certificate is designed to meet the immediate educational needs of those currently working full or part-time in a health care environment who want further information and professional development in health care management.

Course Topics Include:

  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Business Environments
  • Economic Analysis and Policy
  • Management Concepts
  • Health Service Organizations
  • Health Systems Management
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 For more information or to register please call 717-749-4118.