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Penn State Mont Alto Continuing Education works with local government/military, and private business to provide high quality, adult-learner focused programs. We offer Onsite Degree programs (credit), Certification/Credentialing Workshops, and Professional Development programs (non-credit).

Adult Learner-Centric Approach

Given our broad knowledge of the adult learner and their unique needs, we believe adults learn best in an environment which encourages their participation, input, and interaction. Thus, our training environment is one of high engagement and open interaction.

The most common complaint about training and education is that it’s not relevant to the “real-world”. Our instructors are prepared to incorporate client-business scenarios in order to help with the transfer of learning to the work environment. Our program manager will work with you to obtain this information in advance.

Our trainers will serve as facilitators, coaches, role models and discussion leaders. We balance lecture in an effort to encourage participants to work collaboratively and reach higher levels of learning. A variety of instructional methods leads to high levels of interest and engagement. These methods include, but are not limited to:

Engagement activities

will give relevance to new learning. Case studies, scenarios, and problem solving activities all promote collaborative engagement and ultimately strengthen the learner’s ability to apply new concepts in real world scenarios.

Small and large group discussion

will be used to encourage active involvement in the learning process. Personal interaction through small group discussions is designed to foster openness and shared learning. This allows for an exchange of ideas and concerns most directly relevant to the areas under discussion.

Brief lectures

to introduce concepts, to transition, to reinforce concepts and help solidify learning. This presents the framework needed for understanding and application of the concepts that are presented. This may also include storytelling.