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Welcome to Information Sciences and Technology Program

The Penn State School of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) purposes to build “Leaders for a Digital Global Economy.” To accomplish this goal, the IST curriculum is built from the ground up to give students the following skills:

  • learning and managing the ever changing new technologies in the information technology field;
  • bridging the communication gap between business professionals and information technology professionals;
  • focusing on the application of technology as a solution;
  • learning to work on industry problems in a team atmosphere; and,
  • polishing oral and written communication skills.


What is Information Sciences and Technology (IST) ?

Information Sciences and Technology (IST) integrates a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills ranging from the design of hardware and software systems to considerations of the impact of information technology on society. IST  is where information, people, and technology meet. This degree prepares students for careers related to how people create, modify, and use information technologies--and with what effect these technologies have on themselves, other individuals, organizations, and society.

This degree program covers a broad range of topics from software development to social media to business applications for technology. The major seeks to provide students with skills needed to hit the ground running in the working world. You will learn how to use technology to solve real-life problems, how to interact with a variety of people, and how to keep your skill set sharp as technology continues to evolve.


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