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The clinical portion of the program takes place during the third and fifth semesters of the program. You will complete the first clinical affiliation during the last three weeks of the fall semester of the second year. This clinical will be 40 hours per week for a total of three weeks. The remainder of your clinical experience is broken into two, six-week clinicals during the summer of your second year, just prior to graduation in August. Both six-week clinicals are 40 hours per week for a total of 12 weeks. The three clinical affiliations provide specific experiences at three different locations for a total of 600 hours of practica experience.

You must provide your own transportation to each clinical facility. The program will make every attempt to keep you close to home; however, travel to facilities may be up to 90 minutes to ensure that you have the optimal learning experience possible.

Clinical affiliation sites may require you to complete and pass a criminal background check, child abuse clearance, FBI fingerprinting and/or a drug test prior to placement at the clinical affiliation site. A positive or unfavorable result on any of the above may preclude you from completing a clinical rotation which could lead to dismissal from the PTA program. The costs of clinical requirements are the responsibility of the student. 



For additional information, please contact:
Dr. Dan Dandy
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE)