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Data on Fall 2012 students who will graduate in August 2014

  • Number of applicants: 81
  • Number of offers: 36
  • Number of students admitted: 23

2013 graduate licensure examination pass rate (started in 2011):


2013 employment rate:

100% (Those students who passed the state board examination and sought employment.) 

Three-year average (2011-2013):

70% of the students admitted graduated from the program.
95.37% of the students passed the licensure exam (based on the number of students who took it).
100% of the graduates who passed the board exam and sought employment are employed.
80.8% of the graduates are female/19.2% are male.
94.2% of the graduates are Caucasian/5.8% are of other races-ethnicities.
23.5 – average age of the students.
18-49 – age range.
77.3% of students are commuters/22.3% reside in campus dorms.
14.8% of students admitted had previously earned an associate degree.
5.6% of students admitted had previously earned a bachelor’s degree.

Please visit the Federation of the State Board of Physical Therapy to compare Penn State University, Mont Alto Campus with other programs within the state and nationally. You can see the results immediately here.