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Consider this program if... 

You are a working adult seeking to broaden your professional horizons. Enrolling in bachelor of science degree program in organizational leadership is an excellent way to develop your supervisory skills and increase your résumé's attractiveness to employers.


Learn to Lead

This 123-credit course of study will provide you with a well-rounded, liberal arts education—with a special focus on the complex social, cultural, and organizational issues that confront organizational leaders in the modern world. The program is designed to prepare you to lead others effectively, in any industry.

Choose Your Focus

The bachelor of science degree in organizational leadership features a highly flexible curriculum that will allow you to tailor your course of study to meet your individual career goals.


Build Credentials

To help you work toward completion of the bachelor's degree in organizational leadership, you may want to earn one or more related professional certificates or an associate degree first. For example, most courses for the associate degree in letters, arts, and sciences directly apply to the completion of this bachelor's degree. However, you may enroll in only one degree program at a time. Talk with an adviser to learn more about how to achieve these impressive, résumé-building milestones on your educational path to a bachelor's degree in organizational leadership.

Choose Your Delivery Method

We recognize that adult students require maximum flexibility of course delivery. You may complete this program through distance education courses, on-campus courses, or a combination of the two.