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Consider majoring in our IST program if...

You want the theoretical frameworks and skill sets necessary to compete and be productive in the information technology-intensive global context that defines the new “Information Age.” Specifically, this degree program focuses on building an understanding of core information technologies and related areas of study; helps students prepare for the practical application of various information sciences and related technologies; and engages students in sharpening their abilities to think critically and work in teams. All this is done with considerable interdisciplinary integration in order to expose students to the cognitive, social, institutional, and global environments of IST. Team projects in most courses, a required internship, and a senior capstone experience provide additional, focused venues for involving students in the cutting-edge issues and technologies of the field.


Careers for Information Sciences and Technology graduates...

Students in the IST baccalaureate program go on to careers as business consultants, where they use technology to solve problems at businesses and make organizations run more smoothly, while others work as software and Web developers, creating IT solutions for businesses, government organizations. Still other students pursue jobs from a wide array of technology-oriented career options in marketing, research and development, and other areas where technology is used. Sample job titles include:

Business analysis consultant
Business systems delivery specialist
Certification and accreditation consultant
Geospatial analyst
GIS specialist
Information systems engineer
Information technology manager
IT specialist
Security architecture analyst
Software technology analyst
Systems integration associate
Strategic architect
Technology analyst
Technology integration associate


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