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Admission Requirements

Admission limits are site dependent and these spaces are offered to the strongest academic candidates in the pool of applicants. Space in this program is not reserved for selected groups of applicants such as a change-of-assignments and students who have changed their majors. All decisions on admission are made by the School of Nursing by February of each year.

Applicants must have completed the following minimum high school requirements or equivalents: 

  • Two units of math (one algebra and one additional math)
  • Two units of science (one unit each in chemistry and biology with a related laboratory or the equivalent)
  • Four secondary units of English
  • Five units combined from the arts, humanities, social studies, and /or foreign languages
  • Satisfactory SAT scores (for first year students only)

In addition to a cumulate grade point average, an Advanced Standing (transfer) applicant must have completed the equivalent of all the following as transferable college coursework for preferred 2NURS consideration:

  • BIOL 129 Mammalian Anatomy (4 cr) or BIOL 141 Physiology (3 cr) and preferably BIOL 142 Physiology Lab or MICRB 106 Elementary Microbiology (3 cr) and preferably MICRB 107 Elementary Microbiology Laboratory (1 cr) with a C or better grade. 

Alternative technical science courses such as BIOL 110 Biology:  Basic Concepts and Biodiversity or CHEM 012 Chemical Principles with a C or better grade may be accepted for consideration for entrance into 2NURS.  However, successful 2NURS candidates cannot substitute these technical science courses for
BIOL 129, BIOL 141/142 or MICRB 106/107.

  • HDFS 129 Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies (3 cr) or PSYCH 100 Psychology (3 cr) or SOC 001 Introduction to Sociology (3 cr) or
    SOC 005 Social Problems with a C or better grade.
  • At least 6 additional non-remedial credits, preferably including MATH

Application Process

First year and Advanced Standing (transfer) students should apply online at admissions.psu.edu. For first year applicants appropriate credentials include the admissions application and application fee, an official high school transcript, and electronically-reported SAT or ACT scores.  Advanced Standing (transfer) applicants should submit the admissions application and application fee, official transcripts from high school and all post-secondary schools attended.  Change-of-major, change-of-assignment, and re-enrollment students should contact the Mont Alto Registrar’s office at 717-749-6067 to obtain the proper paperwork needed to submit the application for the Nursing program.
Applications received by November 30 are given priority for admission space. Applications submitted after November 30th  are considered on a space-available basis.

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