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IST Options

IST students at Penn State Mont Alto can choose one of the following options for the associate degree:

Baccalaureate Option:
This option provides maximum articulation with the baccalaureate degree. Students who complete this option will meet all lower division requirements for the baccalaureate degree. This is not the case with the remaining options, although the degree of articulation is quite high for all associate degree options.

Generalized Business Option:
This option enables students to specialize in the general business areas of accounting, marketing, and management.

Individualized Option:
This option enables students to work closely with an adviser to develop a plan of study that meets the dual objectives of allowing a flexible academic program and providing breadth of technical specialization. An example would be a program where a student would take some of the courses listed in the Web Administration option and the remainder in the Software option.

Networking Option:
This option prepares graduates for positions as entry-level computer network administrators. Students take courses in personal computer hardware, networking essentials, and network administration.