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Occupational Therapy Program Director
Full time

Angela Hissong

Dr. Hissong is the program director for the Associate in Science in Occupational Therapy Program at Penn State Mont Alto and the program head for Occupational Therapy, University College. Her focus as an educator is to engage occupational therapy assistant students in the teaching-learning process to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to assist individual-groups-communities form a better understanding of their occupation-based strengths, challenges, and adaptations in order to live their lives to the fullest. As a community-based occupational therapist and integrative healing arts practitioner, her passion is in working with individuals/groups to enhance their health and well-being through a better understanding of and engagement in meaningful occupations.

Teaching-Learning Philosophy

As an adult educator Dr. Hissong feels passionate about providing focused guidance to facilitate students’ growth at their comfort level. She has a high regard for the positive impact of mindful interactions and communication, so she consistently challenges learners to seek a balance along the continuum of being, doing, and becoming within their everyday learning and living environments.

Books and Chapters

Hissong, A., Lape, J. and Bailey, D. (2015). Research for the Health Professional. Philadelphia: FA Davis. https://www.fadavis.com/product/occupational-therapy-research-health-professional-3

Hissong, A. & Hammond, O. (2015). Penn State Mont Alto Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Manual in Costa, D. The Essential Guide to Occupational Therapy Fieldwork, 2nd ed.  Bethesda: AOTA Press. https://myaota.aota.org/shop_aota/prodview.aspx?TYPE=D&PID=289201280&SKU=900366

Hissong, A. (2010). Responding to Psychosocial Barriers in OT and Home Modification: Promoting Safety and Supporting Participation, American Occupational Therapy Association, Invited Manuscript.

Selected Articles

Coker-Bolt, P., Gupta, I., Hartman, K., Hissong, A., Kern, S., & McLaughlin-Gray, J. (2015). Importance of Interprofessional Education and OT Curricula. AOTA Commission on Education.

Hissong, A. (2010). Feminist Philosophy: A Beginning Point for Adult Educators in Promoting Women’s Wellness Education.  PACCE Journal of Life Long Learning. Invited Manuscript.

Hissong, A. and Wilhite, C. (2009).  Occupational therapy’s role with farmers and ranchers with disabilities:  Two perspectives. Occupational Therapy Practice.  Invited Manuscript.

Hissong, A. and Wilhite, C. (2008).  Occupational therapy’s role with farmers with disabilities: Understanding the cultural factor of farming as a way of life. Occupational Therapy Practice.  Invited Manuscript.


Contributing editor, Occupational Therapy in the School and Occupational Therapy in the Home (2008)

Occupational Therapy Column

Occupational therapy related topics on farming with a disability. Pennsylvania AgrAbility Quarterly Newsletter (2006-2011).

Grant Funding

In her tenure at Penn State, Dr. Hissong has been a contributor to funded grants totaling over $1.3 million. Funding was supported by the United States Department of Agriculture, Northeast Center for Risk Management, The Pennsylvania State University, and Digital Computer Systems.

Selected Presentations (State – National – International)

Hissong, A. (2016). Innovative Approaches to Teaching Intraprofessional Practice. AOTA Academic Leadership Council Meeting. 

Carson, N., Cocker-Bolt, P., Hartmann, K., Harvison, N., Herge, A., Hissong, A., & Kern, S. (2015 & 2016). Invited Institutes with focus on Integrating Inter-Professional Education in Occupational Therapy Curriculum. AOTA Conference.

Carson, N., Cocker-Bolt, P., Hartmann, K., Harvison, N., Herge, A., Hissong, A., Kern, S., & Mitcham, M. 2013 & 2014) Invited Institutes with focus on Interprofessional Collaboration in Occupational Therapy Curriculum.  AOTA Conference.

Hissong, A. & Hammond, O. (2014). Developing Community-Based Psychosocial Level I Fieldwork and Service Learning Opportunities from an Interprofessional Collaborative Perspective. POTA Conference.

Hissong, A. & Lape, J. (2014). Deconstructing the Myths about Research & Evidence Based Practice: The Truth about the Process of Inquiry. POTA Conference.

Hissong, A. (2014). Cultivating Mindful Living: The SEED Method of Meditation. Cumberland Valley Women’s Conference.

Hissong, A. & Hayduk, C. (2013). The Essential Happily Healthy Professional Triad: Passion, Advocacy, and Nurturance. Cumberland Valley Women’s Conference.

Hissong, A.N. (2012). Working Effectively with Occupational Therapists to Enhance the Impact on AgrAbility Program Outcomes, Northeastern AgrAbility’s Cultivating Accessible Agriculture Workshop.

Hissong, A.N. (2012). Addressing the Changing Priorities for OTA Education, American Occupational Therapy Director/AFWC Meeting.

Hissong, A.N. and Hayduk, C. (2012). Interprofessional Collaborative Practice/Education: Growing Together in the Garden. POTA Conference.

Hissong, A.N. and Hayduk, C. (2012). Occupational Therapy's Responsibility to Promote Well-Being in the Workplace, POTA Conference.

Hissong, A.N. (2012). Exploring Opportunities to Integrate Interprofessional Education in OT Curriculum (short course). AOTA Conference.

Hissong, A. (2011). Mothers in Rural Communities: Perspectives of Their Constantly Shifting Identity within the Environment. International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. Madrid, Spain.

Hissong, A. (2011). The Meaningfulness of Story-telling to Facilitate Women’s Well-being on the Farm. Women in Sustainable Agriculture Conference, State College, Pa.

Hissong, A. (2010, May). Learning Self Nurturance and Unlearning Patriarchy: A Feminist Poststructural Narrative Inquiry of Rural Mothers’ Constantly Shifting Identity. Paper presented to the World Federation of Occupational Therapy, Santiago, Chile.

Hissong, A. and Wilhite, C. (2010, May). The Farmer (person), The Farm (environment), Farming (occupation), More than Seeds and Manure (occupational performance): Occupational Therapist's Perspective on Assisting Farmers own Their Story of Everyday Living Secondary to Disability. Paper presented to the World Federation of Occupational Therapy, Santiago, Chile.

Hissong, A. and Salls, J. (2010, May). Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Occupational Therapy. Paper presented to the World Federation of Occupational Therapy, Santiago, Chile.

Education and Certifications

D.Ed., Adult Education (focus on Women’s Health & Well-being in Rural Environments), Penn State University
M.Ed., Special Education, Shippensburg University
B.S., Occupational Therapy, Medical College of Virginia                                                                                    
B.S., Biology, Shippensburg University                                                                                                      
Certified Master Life Balance Coach                                                                                                              
Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher                                                                                                    
Certified Integrative Reflexologist
National Occupational Therapy Registration, 1990-Current  
Pennsylvania State Occupational Therapy Licensure, 1990-Current