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Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Full time

Dr. Herzog teaches mechanical engineering at Penn State Mont Alto, and he has also taught math and information systems technology courses. His research currently involves measuring the viscosity of diesel, biodiesel, and vegetable oil as functions of temperature and investigating the droplet formation of a diesel engine injector using diesel, biodiesel, and vegetable oil. His past projects include converting a lawnmower gasoline engine to run on propane and designing and building a magnetic torquer for Penn State’s nano satellite project. His research interests include mathematical simulation of stirling engines and prime numbers and prime gaps, among other things.


Ph.D. Cornell University, NY 1989

Diplom Engineur Technical University, Munich, Germany 1967


E-mail: hgn@psu.edu
Web site: http://mac6.ma.psu.edu/
Phone: 717-749-6209
Fax: 717-749-6069
Office: 7 Bookstore Building