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Instructor in Philosophy
Full Time

Dr. Bardi teaches philosophy at Penn State Mont Alto. He has special interests in Asian philosophy and the traditions and practices of mysticism in the major world religions. Dr. Bardi is a Socratic teacher who endeavors to bring to life the eternal question of who, what, why, and where we are. His teaching is based on the insight that in catching a glimpse of how our own individual consciousness is structured, we simultaneously open the possibility of consciously evolving our own minds and by extension our culture. He also writes a philosophical blog in which he applies philosophical insights to contemporary political concerns.


Ph.D. in Philosophy (minor in Medieval and Renaissance studies), University of Missouri-Columbia, 1974. (Post-graduate study in Literature and Rhetoric, University of Maryland, 1976-1980.)

M.A. in Philosophy (minor in History), University of Toledo, 1971.

B.S. in Psychology, Frostburg State University, 1969.

E-mail: jfb9@psu.edu
Phone: 717-749-6243
Office: 100 General Studies Building