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Honor students are entitled to several benefits, including these:  

  • priority registration
  • semester long library loans
  • co-curricular honors experiences
  • eligibility for an honors certificate
  • honors coursework identified on your transcript

They may also qualify for:

  • academic scholarships
  • college honors certificate
  • recognition at spring awards ceremony

The Penn State University College Honors Program is a college-based program that provides qualified students with enriched academic experiences through both honors courses and extra-curricular activities. Honors courses are not "extra" courses; they fulfill degree requirements just as any other general education class. Out-of-classroom activities might include visiting major U.S. museums, traveling abroad, participating in regional debate contests, developing community service projects, coordinating campus lecture series, and/or attending cultural events. Students receive special recognition as honors students at the Penn State Mont Alto Honors Convocation and the Penn State Mont Alto Awards Ceremony.


For more information please contact Honors Program Co-coordinators (honors@ma.psu.edu):

Dr. John Bardi
Instructor in Philosophy
Email: jfb9@psu.edu   

Kira Hamman
Instructor of Mathematics
Email: khh11@psu.edu

Dr. Peter Linehan
Associate Professor of Forestry
Email: pel2@psu.edu